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The Reality of President Duterte

There was much celebration at the election of President Duterte 4 years ago. History was made, as for the first time ever a true Mindanoan was going to be the head of the Philippine government. This meant that someone from outside the usual tracks to the traditional revolving door of power in Manila was going […]

The Difference that is President Duterte

Two years after he assumed office, we cannot help but ask:  is President Duterte making a difference? The traditional politicians who came after the authoritarian ruler – who held power for too long – was removed, did not do much in improving the life of the ordinary Filipino. From sentimental favorites to popular stars to […]

The Promise that is President Duterte

President Duterte has now been in office for more than a year and a half. His election is one of the most exciting things to happen in a lifetime – a true Mindanoan who lives & works in Mindanao. Not one of those carpetbaggers who claim to be from Mindanao, but live & work in […]

The Mindanaoan

History was made when President Rodrigo R. Duterte was sworn into office as President of the Republic of the Philippines on June 30, 2016. For the first time ever, a son of Mindanao is now the President of our beloved Philippines. This blog will follow President Duterte as he performs the duties of the office of the Chief Executive over the next 6 years. Many others will be watching the President: so-called experts and self-appointed critics, bearing fancy titles and touting impressive credentials, supposedly educated from the best universities here and abroad. Most probably just lie in wait for the President to make a mistake – any mistake – so they can write about how and why he does not have what it takes to be President. They will be entertaining…amusing. But those who cannot do, write. And they will pounce on the President like hyenas on the carcass of a dead cow. I do not claim any area of expertise. I’m just a lawyer who happens to be also from Mindanao. All I have is the legal training and education I received from a provincial school in this fair island of the Southern Philippines. But it was all I needed to pass the bar in the United States -where I now practice law. So I am from Mindanao myself, and will watch the President with pride. I will write about him from the point of view of an ordinary man on the street who wishes the best for a fellow probinsyano who not only made good, but is now President of the Philippines. Hence, this blog’s title: “Ang Mindanaoan”. My first post is a reprint of an article I wrote in my column for an online newspaper (The Mindanao Current).


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