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  • Emeterio G. Roa, III, Esq.
  • Emeterio G. Roa, III, Esq.
  • Emeterio G. Roa, III, Esq.
  • Emeterio G. Roa, III, Esq.
  • Emeterio G. Roa, III, Esq.
  • Emeterio G. Roa, III, Esq.

Immigration Law Firm based in Arlington, Virginia

Helping individuals and businesses in Northern Virginia, all over the country and throughout the world.

With more than 25 years of experience handling immigration matters, Emeterio G. Roa III, Esq. has the knowledge, experience and competence to handle even complex immigration issues. We help bring foreign nationals and/or their family members to the United States. If they are already in the country, we work to help keep them here.  We can help with all kinds of immigration issues, including:

  • Business immigration
  • Family based immigration
  • Citizenship
  • Visas
  • Removal


Talk to a competent and experienced immigration attorney who can answer your immigration questions. Immigration laws are complex and constantly changing. Whatever concerns you might have about your immigration status, or that of a family member’s or friend’s, the best thing you can do is to talk to a competent immigration attorney. If you received correspondence such as a Request for Evidence, a Notice of Intent to Deny or a Notice to Appear, you should immediately contact one who can clearly and precisely answer all your questions – explain the law and how it applies to your situation…in a language you can understand.

For almost 25 years, we have been representing individuals and businesses all over the United States in family-based and employment-based petitions — for immigrants and non-immigrants, as well as parties in removal proceedings. Our clients come from many parts of the world, especially the Philippines and throughout Southeast and South Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa, South America, Australia, Canada, and the Middle East. They are professionals, educators, healthcare workers, investors and from all walks of life.
Call Emeterio G. Roa III, Esq. at 703-636-2291 or contact the firm online to schedule your consultation. We charge flat fees for most matters and our consultation fee is $100.

Emeterio G. Roa III, Esq. serves clients in Virginia and the metropolitan Washington DC area, as well as nationwide and internationally.



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